Something Good

Words sit out in the dark somewhere waiting to be conjured;  I am the conjurer. Words begin to exist only as I give them utterance; I am the solipsist. Words are only poor approximation of the communicative essence; thus spake the relativist.

I suppose part of the reason for having a personal blog is that over time it suggests an outline of its creator's personality, a glimpse of his nature, a shortlist of his tendencies. It even evinces things undesirable, things better kept under veil of secrecy. The creator of said blog, of course, even in the format of a public personal journal, whatever that is, will still attempt to sway perception somehow, to keep his true persona cloaked. Extensive obfuscation, sleight of hand or glib cataracts of inanity are all valuable tools in this regard.

This seems to be one of the latter so far. I'll create an interweb ars poetica tag and it will probably end up applying to most of my writing here. Too much goddamn introspection, not enough swashbuckling climbing tales and inspiring life insights. Well, anyone who only tells you those stories is omitting the other ones such as the time he got drunk and called everyone on his cellphone contact list at 3am, including at least one ex-girlfriend who shouldn't still have been on the contact list anyway. How can he possibly keep something like that from the curious public eye?

The most popular post on this blog is climbing-related, but the second most viewed is about obscure computer games and obsolete online communications protocols and the amount of time I spent engrossed in that world. With such a rich tapestry of culture on the internet who would dare fall into the monotonous trap of single-topic writing? But then, this constant modulation becomes irritating too if it fails to offer a common thread, some kind of refrain that at the very least acts as a signpost in the wilderness.

In this spirit, I've decided to choose some particularly transformational tales from my life experience and spin them here in a series of more focused posts. My hope is that more craft and a humble plug on Facebook will bring more people to enjoy this strange ritual of self-effacing wordplay. Check back for more as boredom and inspiration in turn will incite me to type something wonderful here over the next while.

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