"An amusement park of stupidity, locked within a few kilobytes of data"

I edited this post because the issue has been resolved. The above title was included in a comment levied against me by someone on Mountain Project who thought I was fibbing about a climb that I did in Smith Rocks long ago (Rude Boys) and the style of my ascent. Originally, I pontificated about why he might be making such accusations; my reasons ranged from egocentrism to mere assholery (actually those were the only two reasons I could think of). I'm still really not sure why he called me out in a public place (the route information page for Rude Boys!) but it turns out that he is more reasonable than first impressions would suggest. I still like the description of my profile and 'ticklist' (a list of routes I've done): in some ways it is 'an amusement park of stupidity'; but it is at least my amusement park of stupidity, accurate and honest and ultimately personal, so I defended it and maybe had a meaningful interaction...maybe.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I clicked the linky. But, no onerous comments to find. It is an enigma. Where did they go?

  3. Somehow reason was reinstated in this situation; the comment in question is gone and I was able to remove my comments as well. I am left with the amazement over how we interact with each other over the internet. Then I remember that I grew up with online chat and the like and realize I should be used to it.