If Someone Else Said it Best...

...then why rephrase it? I guess that's not really applicable here, but it seems relevant somehow. I've been learning to play guitar for years. As is probably widely understood, one never really stops learning a musical instrument regardless of how long one has been playing, except by choice; it's easy to fall into habits that may at best hone techniques, but offer little in the way of provoking the new concepts and ideas that foster creative growth. I am an expert at wallowing in what I already know. One manifestation of this wallowing is continuing to play other guitarist's renditions of tunes that I have learned by ear. Still a rewarding pursuit in itself, playing by ear is great as a learning tool and as a practical means of better understanding music. It can also be a trap, as I've learned, because these are other musician's tunes that I know note for note and there is little room for personal expression within that constraint. I know that I need to refocus my efforts, but the other day I recorded myself playing a couple of them...and it was kind of fun. The recordings are overly quiet because I don't actually have a mic; rather, I used another piece of audio equipment that one usually uses for sound emission, not collection. Anyhow, here are a couple of short pieces, recitals, if you will.

The pieces included are two solo guitar arrangements: How Long Has This Been Going On as played by Joe Pass and While We're Young as played by Wes Montgomery. These recordings are my own (note for note) transcriptions played by myself.

How Long Has This Been Going On

While We're Young

As a footnote, the recordings are kind of low volume. Edit: changed the links.

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