Doublepost for Positivity

I just finished ranting about my favorite topics, which notably include politicians and their shameful denial of their participation in publicly-funded sexual activities with animals and some other root-Shakra filth I'm always dwelling on/in.

I can't possibly let that post stand alone for more than 5 minutes: people might get the idea that I deal only in negativity with disgusting descriptive prose as accompaniment. I want to prove that I have other interests that positively influence the world, like climbing. I know, I know--it's a purely selfish pursuit. But it makes me a better person so it allows my light to shine on those around me, ya dig?

I had a sort-of-fun day in the mountains on Friday. We hiked in to the Enchantments with another goal in mind but ended up getting sandbagged into simulclimbing* Prusik Peak via the South Face and hiking the whole loop trail in about 13.5 hours (OK it was 15 hours). I don't present that time as something even impressive because I'm sure someone else has done it in less than 6. Anyway, who cares? I've never hiked 20 miles in a day and especially not with 6700 or some such feet of elevation gain. Despite being afflicted by various pains during the last couple of miles, I will remember the experience with some amount of fondness. The climbing was great and although the we were moving too fast to really soak them in, the views were unparallelled. I don't necessarily recommend the so-called car-to-car thing with this area, but the permit system for the Enchantments seems like it might be frustrating so this might constitute a solution to that, albeit arduous. Anyhow, back to your regularly scheduled program. And maybe some pictures to follow at some point. Idaho out.

*Soloing with a rope: simulclimbing is where both the leader and follower are tied together on a rope at some distance (100 feet in this case) apart and are both climbing at the same time. The leader puts places gear in the rock at intervals to prevent catastrophe but for obvious reasons, neither climber should fall, especially the follower.


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