Mangosteen is the Antihangover

Amazing what advanced Oxygen Free Radical Reductive Superfruit Mesosystem Coordination can do for your Metahepatosplenomatic Dehydropontificator.

By that I mean: after nary a week without drudgery, pettiness, buffoonery, circular logic, invidiousness, punctiliousness, obsecratory platitudinarianism secondary to the spiflication of verdurous legerdemain, replete with the apposite lack of vicissitudinal extemporaneousnesses that tends ineluctably to obnubilate any viable assiduity, I am imparadised by the disentombing, circumfulgent aurora of creativity occasioned by the veritably thaumaturgical transmutation of the preceding latent interfulgent noctlucuousity.

Thank you, Mangosteen.


  1. ...may I also recommend cordyceps, a parasitic fungus that overtakes its caterpillar host, grows triumphantly from it's carcass and is then dessicated, encapsulated, extracted and standardized to 0.025% cordecypin... it's street market value has octupled since 1985. invest now!!

  2. I'm so proud of you for quitting stone gardens; I expect a time of great prosperity. May your spirit and intellect flourish in the coming weeks!