Little Si?! Of Course!!!

I was almost ready to go home before we even got to the climbing area. Those damned parking lots at the Little Si trailhead are ALWAYS packed on weekends; one lady wanted to charge me $5 to park on her 'property' (a little patch of bare earth near a trailer park). Can't say I blame her for trying, but really...

After throwing a little fit that resulted in some burnt clutch, I finally nestled Jeanna's monster truck into a parking space. Expecting crowds and madness at the World Wall, I assumed the worst. Then the surprise: nary a person there, save one party on the moderates!

Then a whole crowd of friends arrived unexpectedly and we had a great day out there. I watched Tyson send Gerbil Killer with aplomb; B-Hops fell off the last move of Pornstar (he'll get it next time if he quits watching all that football and drinking that Keystone Ice!); I myself got on the Pornstar and was somewhat pleased to still be able to climb that rock, albeit with some whippage; Bret is looking pretty fit-the spring will probably yield some good redpoint action for him.

All in all, for the second day back there in about 8 months I had a blast. I feel the fitness slowly returning and I'm remembering how much fun sport climbing is despite the fact that mere days ago I distinctly remember calling sport climbers douchebags. Actually, they are; but it's still fun and I guess that makes me one too. Also, after climbing Chronic for the 70th time, I'm happy to report that it's still a great route! Right now it feels like 5.12; I think I'll have it in the 5.11 range by the time the season really kicks in!

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