Gold Bar Again, With Pictures!

Another beautiful weekend in December and another day on the fine granite boulders of Gold Bar. What could be better? Dobrisa, Chris and I headed out on Sunday for some pebble wrestling. Conditions were windy but mild, with temperatures in the low 40's. Here are a few pictures taken by Dobrisa, Chris and myself:

A series of myself on Equinox

Dobrisa on Equinox

Dobrisa on a linkup of two problems in the forest


  1. Hey Drew,

    Nice climbing! And writing; enjoyed your pieces on JTree...great place!

    Well, keep up the good work and give everyone at SG´s a big hi for me if you see ´em!


  2. Great pictures of Equinox! I'm now sufficiently re-psyched to go back to that climb.